Demoscene: Batman Rises

The demoscene is a rich source of awesome, and at times ridiculous, imagery and sounds. Once in a while we sift through it to find things to entertain you with.

Found from Z303’s aptly named Tumblr The Demo Scene, Batman Rises was created by the aptly-named Batman Group, who might be just a little too obsessed with Warner Bros’ multimedia megaproperty. This demo was created for the Amiga 500 with 1 MB of RAM in 2022. That people are still making demos for the classic Amiga platform today is pretty awesome, whether they focus on Batman, Spider-man or some other be-spandexed corporate-owned trademarked character.

Here is video of the demo in action (8 1/2 minutes):

They also made a blog post describing the narrative of the demo. You may find it interesting. It still seems pretty fluffy to me (I mean it has a scene of zooming down a technological tunnel for no reason I could discern), but I’ll admit it’s pretty awesome to see something like this running on 36-year-old hardware! If you have interest in obtaining the demo yourself, to run in physical hardware or an emulator, both it and instructions for running are here.