Indie Game Showcase 2/19/24

The latest of Josh Bycer‘s showcases studying and showing off a variety of indie games.

0:00 Intro
00:14 Gunlocked
2:28 Necrobouncer
4:16 Recon Control
6:29 Spidersaurs
9:55 Gloomgrave
11:17 Neon Blight

Next Fest Indie Showcase 11/20/23

I tend to play a lot of games from each next fest, and there are going to be a lot of indie games to look at.

The Latin American Games 2023 Showcase

This is an indie showcase covering the demos I check out during the Latin American Games Showcase for 2023.

0:00 Intro
00:29 Super Crane Bug
1:56 Uniduni
3:07 Tiny Witch
4:21 The Bunny Graveyard
5:45 Super Hiking League DX
7:33 God Machine
8:44 Hannah

Josh’s Best of 2022 Awards — Best Executed Games

I’ve created a new category to give more spotlights to games. For this one, I’m honoring the games that didn’t blow up as a revolutionary take on the genre but were all around great games that did what they set out to do.

Honorable Mention: Drainus

Drainus was a great shmup that was released to little fanfare as the latest game from Team Ladybug. I really like the pixel art and the ability to modify your ship and shots on the fly. What keeps it from scoring higher is that while it was a good game, it didn’t really stick around as a memorable one. I would love for someone to take this concept of ship modification further in a future game.

#3: Shadows over Loathing

The latest game from the king of dry wit and humor is Shadows over Loathing. We’re trading the wild west and horse-related puns for Lovecraftian mysteries…and puns. This not-so-spooky sequel to West continues the series’ design of puzzle, adventure, and wacky RPG hijinks. At this point, you are either all in or all out for a Loathing game, and I enjoyed my time slinging cheese at fish people.

#2: Infernax

What if we take a traditional 2D action-adventure and cover it with all the blood? We get Infernax. This challenging modern retro game had some of the most shocking NES-styled cutscene around with meat on the bone in the form of multiple endings. As with the other games on this list, while the game doesn’t stand out among the modern retro classics I’ve played, it’s still a solid game for action fans.

#1: Swordship

Swordship is one of those games that I feel deserves more praise than what it has gotten. A smartly designed arcade-style game. The hook is that while you must dodge and fight against drones trying to stop you from delivering contraband, you are never able to directly attack. You need to maneuver around to get enemies to take out each other.

Indie Showcase Stream 9/7/22

Games shown include:

  • 0:00 Kitsune Tail Zero
  • 14:29 GogMagog
  • 35:17 Decline’s Drops
  • 53:51 Rungore
  • 59:35 Beacon Pines
  • 1:23:35 No Place For Bravery
  • 1:50:59 Geometry Arena 2
  • 1:57:38 Candle Knight
  • 2:10:23 Fortune’s Run

Indie Stream Archive 9/23/22

Indie Showcase 9/21/22

The indie showcases highlight the many indie demos and developer submitted games we play, if you would like to submit a game please reach out.

Games of GamesCom stream Night 2

Indie Game Showcase 8/27/22

The indie showcases are all about the developer submitted games and demos we play from indie devs. If you would like to submit a game for a future piece, please get in touch.

Indie Game Showcase 8/22/2022

The weekly indie game showcase highlights the many developer-submitted games and demos we play here. If you would like to submit a game for a future piece, please reach out.

0:00 Trinity Archetype

2:13 Green With Energy

4:19 Super Grave Snatchers

6:37 The Lightbringer

9:13 Happenlance

10:28 Timemelters

Indie Dev Stream Archive

And for more indie game coverage, here is the archive of my stream last week showcasing a variety of indie games.

  • 0:00 Spellbook Demonslayers
  • 25:43 Mech Shuffle
  • 45:24 Endling Extinction is Forever
  • 1:20:57 Ginger the Toothfairy
  • 1:28:51 Lightsmith
  • 1:43:13 Myth of Mirka
  • 1:48:50 Supernova Tactics
  • 2:00:55 Fabled Lands
  • 2:16:01 Kokoro Clover Season 1

Indie Dev Showcase 8/12/22

The showcase videos highlight the developer-submitted games and demos we play each week. If you would like to submit a game for a future piece, please reach out.