The Dreamcast Junkyard on Shenmue-likes

The Dreamcast Junkyard is an underrated blog, and when it’s not telling us about good old Dreamcast games, it’s telling us about games that are like good old Dreamcast games. While Shenmue never got past the second game, despite plans for an epic multi-game story, its spirit lives on in a multitude of other games, from various studios. The specific ingredients of a Shenmue-like, I would say, are a real-time lifesim with a large variety of sidequests. But that technically applies to farming games like Harvest Moon and Stardew Valley, which are not quite the same thing.

Six are listed in this article, and they are the Yakuza series (of course), the Persona series, Bully, Mizzurna Falls, Lake, and The Good Life; I’ll leave it to the post to explain the whys of each. The Good Life, specifically was entirely off my radar, but it sounds like it might be worth looking into!

6 Games That Scratch the Shenmue Itch (Dreamcast Junkyard)