Daytona USA 2001 for Dreamcast Online Functionality Being Restored

Some exciting news for people who have set up their Dreamcasts for online play. While official servers for Dreamcast games have all been taken down long ago, fans have worked towards making their own fan-run versions, and word from Dreamcast Junkyard is that they’re close to getting one working for Daytona USA 2001! While the game was released with online play, the servers for that game went down very quickly, staying up for just 18 months. Dreamcast Junkyard has an interview with ioncannon, the person responsible for this wondrous event.

Images from the article, ultimately from ioncannon

If you have a Dreamcast and the game, you won’t have to edit anything to get it working, but the Dreamcast Broadband Adapter does not work with it. You’ll have to use the built-in Dreamcast Modem in conjunction with DreamPi, a method for using a Raspberry Pi to connect a Dreamcast to the internet.

All the details are in the interview, so if you’re interested in trying this or just want to learn more, there the info be.

The Dreamcast Junkyard: Daytona USA 2001 is due to be Playable Online on the Dreamcast for the First Time in 21 Years