More Game Map Sites

We’re still searching for old game info sites that are still up in 2023. Another couple of use are Video Game Maps, last updated in 2007 but still available, and Revned’s Video Game Maps, which saw its last edit in 2016, but is mirrored on Github.

It feels, to me, like this is what the World Wide Web should look like, flat, static HTML pages with sidebars and hyperlinks. A thing of beauty.

For the past 20 years it’s felt like any game information you could ever hope to find is out there on the World Wide Web, somewhere, but as both the people who grew up playing these games grow old, and the drive and motivation to start and maintain websites has diminished with the popularity of social media, this is increasingly no longer the case. Sometimes you can find vanished websites on the Wayback Machine, but it’s a lot harder to find things there, Wayback often misses images, their web archives are often incomplete, and server-side scripts are broken by archiving so dynamic content is usually dead, the page contents locked in the state it was at when the time of archival.

VGM: Maps and Strategies! and Revned’s Video Game Maps

Webdepths: Recipe for Meringue Mario Mushrooms

The World Wide Web is now over thirty years old. In that time, more content has vanished from it than remains now, but some of it can still be dredged up from the shadowy archives of the Wayback Machine. This is the latest chapter in our never-ending search to find the cool gaming stuff that time forgot….

Post date: February 12, 2009
Archive date: July 6, 2012
Wayback Link
Original URL:
Found through: the archives of Everlasting Blort

Anna the Red, self-described as bento and plush designer, current whereabouts unknown but went on to work for gaming company The Behemoth, posted instructions on how to make these adorable edible Mario mushrooms for Valentine’s Day back in 2009.

While the page that hosted the recipe is now only on Wayback, the image gallery that it drew from is still alive on Flickr. (Remember Flickr?)

So go look! Look and cook!