It’s Zelda Day! (What is Zelda Day?)

Back in 2010, over on Metafilter, three posts on The Legend of Zelda went up on the same day, on the day after Christmas, December 26th. Since then, I’ve tried to commemorate the event by making a post there about The Legend of Zelda each year. I typically tag these posts with “zeldaday,” to make them easier to find.

Since we have Set Side B now, I figured I’d crosspost the main content of this year’s Zelda Day post here as well. Here it is!

GameSpot has a long series of interesting discoveries of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild:

This is just the first video….

48 things you still didn’t know21 more31 more than that29 on top of thoseand then still 28 moreand 30 additionalfollowed by another 33and then 27after that 25then, 26and 19and 20and 22and 18and 23and another 24and then, 16then ANOTHER 16then 12then 15, and then, finally 14 — as of this writing, that is. That’s 497 things in all, over nearly three hours! Here’s their playlist with the whole series.

The Youtube channel Looygi Bros. has done a couple of similar series, covering Ocarina of Time and Majora’s Mask:

15 cool things about Ocarina of Time10 morethen 13then another 13then 19then 7then 11then 11 morethen 10 after thatthen 10and then 13. Then, later, another 10, another 8, yet another 10, and then 9, and 9, and 8, and at last another 8.

But there’s more, on Majora’s Mask! 11 cool things about Majora’s Maskand then 10and then 9and then another 10then yet another 10and another 10 againand another 10 once moreand 9and 7and 7 againthen 6, then 15, then 7, then 10, and then finally 7.

And now, a new series has started on the Wind Waker, with one video so far and 12 facts. Here is a playlist with all of them. All together, I count that’s 841 facts of Zelda esoterica to watch. I figure that’ll keep you going until Zelda Day 2023!