A Store Page Review of Spellbook Demonslayers

This is a store page review of Spellbook Demonslayers for our show Indie Inquiries. If you would like us to review your store page in a future show, please reach out.

  • 0:00 Intro and Capsule Review
  • 4:24 Trailer Review
  • 9:16 Screenshot Review
  • 11:31 About this Game Review
  • 16:05 Title Card Review
  • 18:53 Final Grade

Indie Inquiries: Transcendence Store Page Review

For each episode of indie inquiries, we review steam store pages and provide advice for indie developers on how to best market their game. If you would like to submit a game for us to review, please reach out.

Indie Inquiries Store Page Review: Metroplex Zero

This is a store page review of the game Metroplex Zero submitted by the developer. If you would like us to review your store page for a future show please reach out. Rob’s internet and camera were acting up and causing some issues with his footage.