5/17/22: What We’re Playing

rodneylives (John Harris): As anyone who’s been following me on Twitter will be able to tell, I’ve been obsessed with Bee & Puppycat: Lazy in Space. I haven’t felt this way about a show since Steven Universe. In games, I’ve played a lot of The Speed Rumbler on Capcom Arcade Stadium 2 (if you have it, check its internet scoreboards for my name!), and am working on an Arcade Mermaid post about it. I’ve been through five scenarios in Live-A-Live. And then there’s Animal Crossing New Horizons of course.

GWBycer (Josh Bycer): Mentions that he’s been going through Curse Crackers, For Whom The Belle Tolls, and Tinykin.

If you’ve been playing or watching something you enjoy and want people to know, tell me on Twitter (I’m @rodneylives), preferably with a hashtag like #whatimplaying, which I’ll take as permission to relay here.