Brian Cronin Developer Interview

For this perceptive podcast, I spoke with Brian Cronin to catch up and talk about his next project: Business Challenges at the End of the World and using an AI to generate the art for the game.

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Dave Gilbert Interview

For this cast, I sat down with returning guest and owner of Wadjet Eye Games Dave Gilbert for a chat about the adventure genre, his next project Old Skies, and discussing the adventure market today. We had a small issue where the stream wasn’t live at the start, but we started talking anyway.

Videogame Fables Developer Interview

For this perceptive podcast, I spoke with Matt Sharp who is the designer of Video Game Fables to talk about creating a subversive RPG while still adhering to the design and structure of the genre.

Chris Knowles Developer Interview

For this cast, returning guest Chris Knowles is back to talk about his upcoming game Hexahedra, going indie full time, and the challenges of building a “Zach-like.” We did play the demo of the game on stream, but that will be in a separate video.

The Dark Heart of Balor Developer Interview

For this perceptive podcast, I sat down with Dima who is working on the upcoming game The Dark Heart of Balor. We spoke about their background and designing an action game along with some of the fundamentals of good action game design.

All footage shown was from our live stream of a pre-release build and may not represent the current version of the game.

A Talk With Studio Centurion on Line War

For this interview, I spoke with Christian and Stefan of Studio Centurion to discuss their game Line War, and how they’re trying to build a new kind of RTS game that focuses on strategy as opposed to micro. We spoke about how the game came about, thoughts on RTS gameplay, and more.

Talking Terrorbane and Unconventional Adventure Games With Bit Nine Studios

For this podcast interview, I spoke with Andrea, Matteo, and Luca who are the team behind the recently released adventure game Terrorbane. We spoke about creating an unconventional adventure game, what gamedev is like in Italy and much more.

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An interview with Vicarious PR

Besides writing and talking about game design, I also do a lot of interviews with developers and people all across the industry. For this interview, I spoke with Michael Brown who is the CEO of Vicarious PR about what indie marketing means today. If you’re an indie dev who is working on a game and would like to talk to me about it, you can reach me on social media or send me an email at