Keith Burgun Makes A Deckbuilder: Spellstorm

We like promoting small indie projects we think are keen, and among those is the work of Keith Burgun. Way back in the @Play guys he made the wonderful (and sadly very difficult to play these days) cartoon roguelike 100 Rogues, and more recently he made the great quasi-roguelike Auro, which can still be gotten on Steam.

Lately he’s been experimenting with more physical kinds of games, and he has a Kickstarter going for a deckbuilding game called Spellstorm!

It’s an asymmetric game, with eight characters who each play differently from each other. And if you want to try before backing, there’s already a module available for it for Tabletop Simulator (it is here), and you can download a free PDF copy of the rules for more info.

As of this reporting the Kickstarter’s just gotten underway with 27 days to go, and is approaching halfway to its goal already. $40 gets you a complete copy of the game, and $60 gets you it another another clever little game Keith made called Dragon Bridge.

Why not give it a glance over, and good luck to you Keith!

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