A Few Dragons Developer Interview

For this Perceptive Podcast, I’m speaking with Keirron Stach from A Few Dragons to talk about the indie studio. We spoke about their games Lightsmith and The Sacred Acorn and the challenge of working on two projects at once.

Indie Dev Stream Archive

And for more indie game coverage, here is the archive of my stream last week showcasing a variety of indie games.

  • 0:00 Spellbook Demonslayers
  • 25:43 Mech Shuffle
  • 45:24 Endling Extinction is Forever
  • 1:20:57 Ginger the Toothfairy
  • 1:28:51 Lightsmith
  • 1:43:13 Myth of Mirka
  • 1:48:50 Supernova Tactics
  • 2:00:55 Fabled Lands
  • 2:16:01 Kokoro Clover Season 1