Best of Next Fest 2023 1/20/24

And at long last, the end of this particular Next Fest, but there are more to come.

Best of Next Fest 2023 1/19/24

Editor’s Note: Our presentation of Josh Bycer’s NextFest finds continues. Tomorrow will be the last in this sequence, I think.

Best of Next Fest Showcase 1/18/24

More games from Next fest 2023 worth checking out.

Best of Next Fest 2023 1/17/24

Editor’s note: There’s a backlog of Josh Bycer’s Next Fest posts that I need to clear out, so the next few days will be devoted to them. Please enjoy!

Next Fest Showcase 12/30/23

I heard everyone here likes indie games.

The games in this video:

Next Fest Showcase 12/16/23

Some of my favorites from Next Fest 2023.

Next Fest Showcase 12/11/23

So many more games to show off.

EDITOR’S NOTE: It’s that time of year again, when time is short and news is light. There are a lot of these Next Fest video showcases lined up, so there’ll probably be more than usual of these for the next couple of weeks.

Next Fest Showcase 12/4/23

Josh Bycer presents more favorite games of nextfest.

Next Fest Indie Showcase 11/20/23

I tend to play a lot of games from each next fest, and there are going to be a lot of indie games to look at.

Next Fest Indie Showcase 11/12/23

More of my favorites from the first Nextfest of 2023.

Here are the contents, each section is about two minutes in length:

Dice FolkNo Creeps Were Harmed TDDevil’s DiveBoomerang JackDystobelUglyCosmic: A Journey Among ShadowsLil’ GuardsmanThe Master’s PupilRatopiaRad SurvivorCardbob

The Best Games of Next Fest 2023 Part 1

The first of several videos looking at my favorite game demos from next fest 2023.

0:00 Intro
00:25 Meat Grinder
1:45 Yet Another Zombie Survivors
3:05 Radio the Universe
4:53 Protodroid Delta
6:12 Creeping Deck Pharoah’s Curse
7:39 Dungeons of Aether
9:16 Valfaris Mecha Therion
11:25 Sushi For Robots
12:48 Ninja or Die
14:56 Grim Guardians
16:55 Nocturnal
18:45 Elypse
20:22 The Last Case of Benedict Fox
22:34 Planet of Lana

Next Fest 2022 Demo Showcase Part 3

This is another showcase from Nextfest 2022 of the demos I played on stream.