Sundry Sunday: Eggpo, “Mini-Boss”

Sundry Sunday is our weekly feature of fun gaming culture finds and videos, from across the years and even decades.

Here is the third of the Eggpo cartoons that The Brothers Chaps, creators of Homestar Runner, made for Disney XD, as part of their “Two More Eggs” series.

This one’s only 1 1/2 minutes (none of them are very long). Eggpos are Goomba-class enemy conscripts in a platformer starring Dooble (who features, in non pixel-form, in other Two More Eggs cartoons). None of the Eggpo get any respect. The cartoons focus on two particular Eggpos (is that the right plural?), one who misguidedly believes in the system, the other willing to buck it a bit if it means he doesn’t get stomped on or set aflame. Here, they are set to meet a higher-level member of the whimsical military they’re a part of.

The Eggpo series contains seven videos in all. This is #3, so we’re about halfway through them. See you again at number four.

Sundry Sunday: Eggpo, Waiting

Sundry Sunday is our weekly feature of fun gaming culture finds and videos, from across the years and even decades.

It’s been a while since we checked in with Eggpo, from “Two More Eggs,” that series the Brothers Chaps (creators of Homestar Runner) made for Disney XD or sommin like that. In case you forgot, Eggpo is the species of these eggplant people, whose job it is to attack the “good guy,” a.k.a. Dooble, who features in other TME videos.

Here, two Eggpos engage in the basic repetitive patterns entailed by their employment, without much success.

Eggpo: Waiting (Youtube, one minute)

Sundry Sunday: Eggpo #1, “New Job”

A few years ago the Homestar Runner guys got a sweet gig for a while making content for Disney. I think some of it was broadcast on Actual Television, but all of it, I think, is currently on Youtube, minus one video that seems like it was taken down for some reason. (I don’t know which one that was.)

None of the characters from the Homestariverse appear there, and because they’re all owned by The Mouse none of the many Two More Eggs characters are likely to get cameos on those few future occasions that HR updates in the future. But in the series there’s still around 90-or-so fun short videos to watch there of a very Homestar-ish kind of humor. Among them are Eggpo, the story of a couple of alternate-universe Goomba-like enemy minions just trying to do their simplistic jobs in a video game world.

We at Set Side B are in it for the long haul, so I feel there’s no reason to stuff all the Eggpo shorts (around seven) in one post. So here is just the first chapter… of the saga… of Eggpo.