Fediverse Find: Lemmy Post on Great Obscure Games

Reddit has been severely wounded. I’m sure it’ll keep going for a while, there’s still a lot of people who use it, but it no longer feels like an unalloyed good, it’s obvious that its owners care more about profits than their unpaid mod staff, and a lot of the best users, the ones who produce the really interesting posts and comments, are leaving for other climes.

And… I’m glad. Even though I used Reddit, and Twitter too, I felt bad for doing so. Single websites should not be such a large part of the internet. These are ultimately reimplementations of older ideas of course, community discussion sites go all the way back to Usenet, which predates the World Wide Web by nearly a decade. The main reason anyone cares about them is that there’s already lots of people there, and their value grows as more people are involved with them.

Anything that breaks the hold of bigcorps over substantial pieces of the internet is a positive thing, IMO. All those people who are leaving Twitter for Bluesky or Threads, I feel like I need to warn them, it’s only a matter of time before you’ll be put back into this situation again, no internet site of service run by venture capital, or put under the gun by shareholders and “fiduciary duty,” can escape being ruined. It is an impossibility, the drive for ever-greater profits will inevitably ruin them. This ends the editorial portion of this post.

The most promising alternative to corporate ownership and control at the moment is the “Fediverse,” a collection of sites that all talk to each other and interoperate. Whether it’ll be the solution to the capitalist internet remains to be seen, there’s lots of challenges ahead for them, but one small current win is a post on lemmy.world’s Games board, asking users for their favorite obscure games. It’s got rather a lot of comments of people, all reminiscing about their favorites. It’s worth a good look, for you’re both certain to find people who love the same neglected titles that you do, and a whole bunch of games to investigate that you’ve never heard of before. It’s a marvel.

lemmy.world Games: What’s your favorite game you never hear anybody talk about?

2 thoughts on “Fediverse Find: Lemmy Post on Great Obscure Games”

  1. I think there’s value in not having a single place where everyone is. I left Twitter for Mastodon in November and I think it’s been pretty great! I’ve started blogging again, and following other people’s blogs, and I think there’s a lot more interesting content out there now that people just aren’t used to searching for anymore. Still haven’t gotten into Lemmy, but I’ve closed my Reddit account, and this post that you linked to has some great titles being mentioned, so maybe I’ll finally sign up!

    1. Yay! That’s how I feel about it entirely, except I never really came to rely on Reddit for a huge amount (I’ve always been just a little wary), so it’s just been getting harder to find things in general.

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