Godot 4.0

Godot reaches version 4.0! It’s is the free and open-source multiplatform game development system and engine with the most mojo, and it’s only a 50MB download! Here’s the official list of new features, but here’s some highlights:

  • New rendering options for 2D and 3D, including Vulkan
  • Improved shadows
  • Automatic occlusion culling
  • New 2D level editing tools
  • Many shader improvements
  • Scripting improvements for both GDScript and C#, plus support for extensions written in C, C++ and Rust
  • The return of Godot Physics
  • Support for multiple windows
  • An improved UI editor
  • Improvements to animation
  • Editor support for Android and browsers
  • and exports for several new platforms, including Raspberry Pi and ARM-based Chromebooks.