Sundry Sunday: Strong Bad Plays Marzipan’s Beef Reverser

You made it through another week of life in 2022! Here is some video silliness to congratulate you, and encourage you to keep on keepin’ on!

I’m always down for an excuse to link new Homestar Runner content, but this here’s a gaming blog! It’s gotta be about games Mr. Strong Man.

What’s that you say? It is a game? Well fine then, I will gladly accept that flimsy excuse! It’s Marzipan’s Beef Reverser, and it’s on You play Only Girl in the Homestarniverse Marzipan as she whips mobile steaks with her Shantae-like hair in a Game Boy setting, sending them careening into a cow skeleton, helping to reconstitute it back into a cow. I’m sure it works that way in real life too. And notice, it’s not a Flash game, it’s an actual Game Boy rom file, playable in your favorite homebrew-capable Game Boyish setting.

And as a special extra, they recorded Strong Bad, in VTuber style, playing through it and unlocking all the bonus extras. It’s a bit slight, but in the grim darkness of the far future, we accept all the H*R stuff we can staff.

2 thoughts on “Sundry Sunday: Strong Bad Plays Marzipan’s Beef Reverser”

  1. Ahh, there’s nothing like seeing a car being beaten up as Strong Bad talks about hundred-hand slaps to take one’s mind out of today’s cursed world for a little while. Thanks for surfacing this!

    1. Yeah, I really like that they went through the effort to code this all in the form of a Game Boy rom too! Weirdly, it’s a format that may be easier to play on the web now than their original cartoons.

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