Double Reviews of Decarnation and Nocturnal

This is a double indie game review of Decarnation and Nocturnal, both played with press keys provided by the developer.

0:00 Intro
00:14 Decarnation
4:05 Nocturnal

The Latin American Games 2023 Showcase

This is an indie showcase covering the demos I check out during the Latin American Games Showcase for 2023.

0:00 Intro
00:29 Super Crane Bug
1:56 Uniduni
3:07 Tiny Witch
4:21 The Bunny Graveyard
5:45 Super Hiking League DX
7:33 God Machine
8:44 Hannah

Balancing Education and Entertainment With So to Speak

For this perceptive podcast, I spoke with Erik Andersen about his upcoming game So to Speak. We discussed designing a game about learning Japanese and still providing entertainment as well as education.

World Turtles Developer Interview

An interview with Gideon Griebenow who is the designer of the game World Turtles. We spoke about working on his first major game and the lessons he’s learned.

Indie Dev Showcase (6/5/22)

For this indie dev showcase, I went with some of my favorite boomer, and not so boomer, shooters that I’ve played lately.

A Talk With Studio Centurion on Line War

For this interview, I spoke with Christian and Stefan of Studio Centurion to discuss their game Line War, and how they’re trying to build a new kind of RTS game that focuses on strategy as opposed to micro. We spoke about how the game came about, thoughts on RTS gameplay, and more.

The Weekly Indie Game Showcase

The indie showcase videos highlight the many developer-submitted games and demos I play on my youtube channel. If you would like to submit a game for a future piece, please get in touch.

  • 0:00 Tenderfoot Tactics
  • 2:21 Volta-X
  • 5:05 Power of Ten
  • 7:21 Train your Minibot
  • 8:57 Roundguard
  • 10:29 Scampr

An interview with Vicarious PR

Besides writing and talking about game design, I also do a lot of interviews with developers and people all across the industry. For this interview, I spoke with Michael Brown who is the CEO of Vicarious PR about what indie marketing means today. If you’re an indie dev who is working on a game and would like to talk to me about it, you can reach me on social media or send me an email at