Sundry Sunday: The Soundtrack to Black Knight 2000 and Sword of Rage

There are three Black Knight pinball tables: Black Knight, Black Knight 2000 and the recent Black Knight: Sword of Rage. The first came from before music was regularly featured in pinball, but the latter two have amazing music. My favorite is the music in the second, by Dan Forden & Brian Schmidt, possibly the most epic metal sound track in electronic gaming history. That is not thoughtless hyperbole! Listen to it below! “You can do it you can do it!” There’s something about FM synthesis that lends itself to simulating electric guitar really really well!

This is a playlist of the 17 tracks from the game. If the voice of the Black Knight sounds familiar, I think he’s also the voice of the Mutoid Man from Smash T.V (“NO WAY! HUH-HA-HA!”) and designer of all three Black Knight tables, Steve Ritchie.

There is something about pinball that lends itself so very well to metal, and to characters like the Black Knight. Video games can be defeated and mastered in ways that pinball, real pinball, cannot, and that recognition mixes with, enhances, the Knight’s character.

Here’s a game on an actual table that demonstrates how the music comes together in play (12 minutes):

Black Knight: Sword of Rage also has an epic soundtrack, performed by Scott Ian of Anthrax and Brendan Small of Metalocalypse/Deathklok (oh, and Home Movies):

I think 2000 has the edge over it though? What do you think? This is not intended as a comment prompt (I hate those), but it’d be nice to get people’s thoughts!

2 thoughts on “Sundry Sunday: The Soundtrack to Black Knight 2000 and Sword of Rage”

  1. Love it! Black Knight 2000 is one of my favorite tables. It has cool features, solid progression, and of course that amazing soundtrack. And if that weren’t enough, the titular Black Knight is indeed voiced by designer Steve Ritchie himself.

    I don’t mean to spam but I highly recommend everyone check out the latest episode of the HatchetJob podcast. 1Dgaf conducts a wonderful interview with Steve Ritchie. What a life that man has lived and his contributions to pinball cannot be overestimated. Legend.

    1. Awesome links are always welcome here! It’s not spam if it’s relevant and offered because you genuinely like it. Passing around great links is the heart of the web. Thanks!

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